Food & Drink

Enjoy our breakfast buffet in the breakfast room or directly on the neighboring sun terrace on the Lahn river from 8:00 - 10:00 am.
We are happy to serve you breakfast in your room upon request.
Individual food requirements are best communicated to us in advance. We also offer packed lunches to take away.

Our prices
Breakfast Buffet 15,00 €/Pers.
Packed lunch 11,00 €/Pers.

In the "cake bar" you get a piece of cake for free in the afternoon.
The snack bar offers around the clock, whatever you have an appetite for in between.

Our "coffee bar" with delicious organic coffee variations is available all day free of charge.

As a welcome greeting, a bottle of "life energy to drink" awaits you in your room.
This is purified, cellular and hexagonal water, which we draw fresh from our AQUION water filter.
We will refill this bottle for you on request for 3.00 €/bottle.

You will also find a variety of beverages in our beverage refrigerator and wine rack.

Lunch & dinner There are numerous restaurants in Laurenburg and the surrounding villages.
You can get more information when you arrive or on this page under “Local attractions/Food & Drink”.